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Anita Harder, MC, Registered Psychologist

I am a registered psychologist with over a decade of experience. I know life is full of highs and lows and have experienced many of the agonies that you also may be experiencing: feeling lost and alone in the world, dealing with unspoken family traumas, questioning whether my marriage could survive, sitting at the bedside of a dying loved one, and sleepless nights when I wondered how I would get my children to adulthood. 

If you are walking through a difficult time, you don't have to do it alone. I will provide you a space where you can speak the unspoken without being judged. I will walk beside you as you wrestle with how to make sense of your life or what to do next. I will share ideas and strategies to help you make the changes you want to make, whether big or small.



Reem Khawar, MC, Registered Provisional Psychologist

I am a registered provisional psychologist with a passion for helping adults and adolescents reach their full potential.


As a therapist I strive to build the most supportive, empathetic and judgement free environment possible. I will walk beside you as you seek clarity in times of chaos. It may not seem like it initially, but I believe the ability to find that balance is already within you. My role is to help draw that ability into the light.


Prior to joining the Clearview Counselling team, I worked in both the private practice and non-profit sectors. I have experience supporting clients with a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship concerns, and domestic violence.


The therapeutic approach I use is dependent on your needs and preferences and is informed by my training in trauma, domestic violence, and human development. I also strive to create a culturally sensitive environment that recognizes that for many people culture, identity, faith, religion and/or spirituality play a central role in their life and wellbeing.